Sverdheim Banner

The name was destined to change. The other option was “Rogues’ World,” in honor of one of my favorite fantasy series, “Thieves’ World.”

Sverdheim is Old Norse, which I hope translates to something like “Land of Swords.” That’s what my ten minutes of internet research tells me anyway. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter, because I like the name anyway. It was the name of a land in an imaginary novel that I’m not writing, so I decided to give it to the game that I am writing.

I was on the fence about which of the two names for a couple of days. I like them both. They both sound cool to me. They both have that same one-two syllable punch like a shotgun being cocked. Rogues’ World might be more memorable, and some people might have trouble with the unusual (in American English) “SV” consonant pair. The deciding factor was a principle unrelated to the words: Iterations of and are all parked by domain name squatters. I despise this practice with a passion, and would fully support legislation that makes it illegal. The owners of the domains aren’t asking for a lot, but I would rather not deliver a cent of support to such creativity leeches. Part of finishing this game is giving it a home on the Internet, and an appropriate web domain will be a part of that.

This week I’ve added menus and more player feedback features. This includes a title splash and a means to customize your keyboard input.

I also created a repository specifically for my releases, so that you don’t get web page backend if you try to download the source link. I haven’t released to code for open source. I’m still deciding if that’s something I want to do or not.

Get pre-release 0.2 here.