t’s been a while since I’ve moved my blog. It’s evolved a lot since the days of teen ranting on Geocities.

I tend to use free sites these days, as I can’t justify maintaining a paid site. The old site and its articles still stands at sites.google.com.

That old site stretches back to when a professor required me to create it to host all of my class projects. Later, after school, I wondered why we didn’t just use GitHub. It would have added a valuable, yet simple lesson about version control, and GitHub was always a more appropriate host to show off your code- not to mention how much it would have simplified those group projects.

I kept the site up after I left school, and continued to add articles about interesting things I’d taught myself. The format of a blog web site makes it easier for me to look up my notes. However, there was a large formatting step between the notes and the presentation, and code display was always the most challenging, and unnatural step in the process.

When I encountered GitHub’s pages, I knew it would be a more appropriate venue. Jekyll was easy to set up and I was able to find my way around the basics in a day. I like that the pages are static. I like that it interprets directly from my markdown notes, reducing formatting time before posting. I like the syntax highlighting features. I like that it ties right in with my GitHub, where my public code is hosted anyway.

I feel like this site will help me be more expressive whit my ever growing portfolio. I might port over the old site articles (if I ever catch up on the backlog of new ones) but until then they will remain available on the Google Sites page.